How it started…

This is our origin story.

Some of you have been around long enough to know that Yarn Souq started with myself (Jocelyn) and Ruth.  We met at one of our local knitting group’s weekend meet-ups in 2010, during Ramadan too!  Over the years, we have grown into our knitting adventure and discovered that we both like pretty much similar patterns and types of yarns.  To be honest, we were both yarn snobs, i.e. we prefer wool, silk, and hand-dyed yarn.


Clearance Sale

Remind me one day to show you our “office”.  There’s yarn from floor to ceiling.  And you wonder why one of our social media hashtags is #yarnheavenindubai?  It’s packed full in places and I’m planning to free up most of those spaces to bring weather-friendly yet luxurious and colourful yarns.

So Yarn Souq is having a clearance sale.